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CoNNect Academy was created by a doctor just like you! Who believes there is a smarter way to study and practice medicine according to the latest standards and techniques for patient care, research, education, and public health policy.

CoNNect Academy was established in 2011 with the aim of providing smarter and professional educational methods, and curricula for health service providers in Egypt, African and Asian countries to obtain equations and foreign fellowships in order to contribute to the development of the medical system in the African, and Asian Countries.

CoNNect Academy works to protect the health and safety of the public by ensuring that practitioners adhere to the quality standards required for medical professions in Arab and European countries. This is achieved through the adoption of education and training programs and the evaluation of medical practitioners.

CoNNect is not just an education academy

it's an integral part of “Bringing you to excellence in medicine”!

We encourage the growth of doctors

in an effort to make the world a healthier place, to reduce the problems that affect patients because of the inefficiency of doctors.

Training, Rehabilitation, Educate and support physicians

throughout their careers, through continuous professional development to provide a new generation of physicians to help develop the medical system in African, and Asian Countries.

Contribute to improving health care

through the provision of smarter and professional educational curricula to ensure that doctors get equations and foreign fellowships, which increases their efficiency in the treatment of patients and accurate diagnosis. Therefore, we continuously update materials and curricula to the highest quality standards.



Certificate courses are instructed by highly educated and qualified instructors
who hold doctoral and master’s level degrees.
Achievements during the previous years 2011 – 2021

Training hours

In 2011 we trained 40 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2012 we trained 75 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2013 we trained 100 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2014 we trained 127 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2015 we trained 151 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2016 we trained 209 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2017 we trained 279 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2018 we trained 476 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2019 we trained 520 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2020 we trained 641 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

In 2021 we trained 951 doctors at CoNNect Academy.

“ In addition to 475 doctors in Libya branch”

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