لماذا تختار أكاديمية كونكت؟

لماذا تختار أكاديمية كونكت؟

Customers Service

Technical support by all communication methods (Academy headquarters – Contact the lecturers directly – Conversation “Online/Offline” – Speaking with a dedicated customer service team).

Teaching Methods

Our expert tutors will design every aspect of the student’s tutoring to suit the student’s personal way of learning. This personalized tutoring and study style will ensure progress.


Our tutors will help every student decide which resources are best for their specific personal preparation.

Practice Tests

Practice NBMEs and UWSAs will be used strategically to assess progress and ensure the student’s successful preparation

Comprehensive Approach

From question approach strategies, in-depth content review, study plan, and resource guidance, our tutors are here to address every detail for the student’s preparation.

Follow up and evaluation

Our students most benefit from meeting with our tutors 1-4 hours per week, depending on how much time remains before Examination.

Study Plan

Using the selected resources, our tutors will help devise an effective schedule within the constraints of each student’s personal situation.

Help and Support

– Facilitate the procedures for registration in international exams.
– Helping doctors to get job opportunities both inside and outside Egypt.

نشجع تطور الأطباء العظماء لمحاولة جعل العالم مكانًا أكثر صحة.


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