FRCA /EDAIC Part 1 (November 2022)

FRCA / EDA Course

Fellowship of the Royal College of Anesthetists

FRCA Primary examination is the first part of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthesia. It consists of three components:

  • Multiple Choice Question examination (MCQ).
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
  • Structured Oral Examination (SOE).

These components form part of a variety of assessment tools designed to support anesthetic trainees to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to meet the standard expected at the completion of training.

What are the eligibility criteria for the FRCA exam?

The College recommends that candidates should not sit the Primary FRCA MCQ paper until they have passed the Initial Assessment of Competency.
Further information can be found in the eligibility instructions.

Dates, fees and venues

The exam is available in February, June, and October. Further information can be found in the dates and fees document.

How to apply

You can apply online through the Royal College website.
You must obtain the most recent information before taking any FRCA /EDA examination.

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What does the exam include?

Part 1 – Primary

  • Checking multiple-choice questions (MCQ).
  • Objective Clinical Examination (OSCE) and SOE.

Part 2- Final
It is divided into two parts (taken separately):

  • The final written examination consists of a Multiple Choice Question Test (MCQ) and Answer Question / Short Answer Questions (CRQ / SAQ).
  • Oral examination (SOE).

You must pass the basic FRCA test, or recognized exemption before you can apply for the Final FRCA.

You must pass the final written examination before applying to enter the practical or oral final examination (the written examination has a validity of three years).

European diploma
The European diploma consists of two exams:

PART 1 – Theoretical

  • Multiple choice examination (MCQ).
  • It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions in the form of a brochure with a separate answer sheet. Each question has five options: A, B, C, D, and E. Each option may be right or wrong.

PART 2 – Practical and oral Viva

It consists of 4 committees, each committee is approximately 25 minutes. The examination takes place from February to November every year in a number of places around the world.

The applicant can specify the language of the examination appropriate for him between (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Scandinavian).

Irish Fellowship
The Irish Fellowship consists of two parts:

PART 1 (for membership) Consists of two exams:

  • Multiple choice examination (MCQ).
  • The second practical and oral exam, OSCE & SOE.

PART 2 – Final (for Fellowship) It consists of two exams:

Theoretical exam, which consists of:

  • Short Answer Questions (SAQ) – Short Questions.
  • Single Best Answers (SBA) – Choose the best answer.
  • Multiple True False (MTF) – Choose True or False.
  • OSCE & SOE oral and practical exam.

Course details:

  • 20 lectures at a rate of 2 training hours/Lecture.
  • 2 Lectures/per week.
  • Mock Exams
  • Training to solve MCQs Questions.

The course covers all aspects of the exam and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

ما ستحصل عليه في دوراتنا!

طرق التقدم الدورة:

  • The course is available online and inside the Academy.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available till the next exam so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review it within the week, discuss any questions with the instructors ”.

How can I register for the exam?

Money-back guarantee, before the second lecture, no questions asked! For more information: check Money-Back Guarantee

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If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us 002/01000914939.

Taught by FRCR® experts and teaching award-winning educators

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Lecture 1 Pressure, Fluid flo, Measure of volume and flow Measurement
Lecture 2 Gas laws, Solubility, Diffusion and Osmosis
Lecture 3 Cardiovascular physiology A
Lecture 4 TEMPERATURE – Heat Capacity And Latent Heat – VAPORIZERS
Lecture 5 HUMIDIFICATION, Breathing and Scavenging Systems , GAS SUPPLIES
Lecture 6 Cardiovascular physiology B
Lecture 7 Physiology For Primary
Lecture 11 BLOOD PRESSURE MEASUREMENT – Oxygen Measrement
Lecture 8 Respiratory physiology A
Lecture 9 Respiratory physiology B
Lecture 10 Physiology For Primary 2
Lecture 12 Pharmacology A
Lecture 13 Further Techniques of Gas and Vapour Analysis - Electricity - Electrical Safety
Lecture 14 Fire And Explosions, Isotopes and Radiation, work energy and power
Lecture 15 Assessment of Awareness during Anaesthesia - Natural Exponential Functions
Lecture 16 Pharmacology B
Lecture 17 Presentation and Handling of Data and basic Measurement, Acid Base
Lecture 18 Pharmacology C
Lecture 19 REV 1 DR TAREK
Lecture 20 REV 2 DR MAGDY

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المدة: 4 شهور (40 ساعة تدريبية)
القراءات: 20
فيديو: 2 hours
FRCA /EDAIC Part 1 (November 2022)
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USD11,500 USD9,568

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