FRCR 1 Oncology

FRCR Oncology

FRCR 1 Oncology Examination
FRCR 1 Oncology – Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists

FRCR 1 Oncology Examination expects candidates to have acquired a broad knowledge of those subjects that relate to the investigation and management of patients with cancer.

FRCR 1 Oncology examination comprises 4 modules of single best answer (SBA) questions.

Day One
1- Cancer Biology & Radiobiology 50 Questions in 2.5 hours.

2- Clinical Pharmacology 40Questions in 2 hours.

Day Two
3- Physics: 50 Questions in 2.5 hours.

4- Medical Statistics: 40 Questions in 2 hours.

Cancer Biology and Radiobiology: the processes of cancer cell transformation and tumour development and how these processes may be demonstrated and the response to ionising radiation of cells both individually and grouped as tissues.
Clinical Pharmacology: the structure, action, use, and evaluation of drugs used in the treatment of a patient with cancer.
Medical Statistics: with special reference to clinical trials and assessment of results, and the epidemiology of cancer
Physics: the application of physical principles and methods in clinical radiotherapy, physical basis of the therapeutic uses of radioactive isotopes, radiation hazards and protection.

What are the eligibility criteria for the FRCR Oncology exam?

  • Candidates must have obtained a medical degree from a university acceptable to the General Medical Council.
  • Candidates must be registered as a medical practitioner with the appropriate national authority.
  • No minimum period of clinical experience needs to have been completed prior to the commencement of clinical oncology training leading to the FRCR examinations.

FRCR 1 Oncology Dates, fees, and venues

The examination is held twice a year over two consecutive days: normally in February and August/September.

It’s available in the UK, Hong Kong, India, Malta, and Singapore. Further information can be found in the dates and fees document.

How to apply

Applicants should ensure they have read the examination regulations before applying.

you can follow these steps to apply for an examination Clinical radiology examinations booking process

and we are in “CoNNect” will help you to register in the Exam if you want, through our Exam Registration Department

Watch this Video to know more about FRCR

This Orientation Session from CoNNect to know everything about the FRCR Clinical Oncology Exams and the course.

What does Connect Academy do for you to help you pass this exam?

Course details:

  • 30 lectures (10 Physics – 11 Radiobiology & Molecular Biology – 5 Clinical Pharmacology – 2 Medical Statistics – 2 Revision & solving questions) at the rate of 2 training Hours/Lecture
  • 2 lectures per week for 4 months.
  • Quizzes and final Mock Exam.

The course covers all aspects of the exam, and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

Session Topic Instructor
1 Basic physics essentials Dr. Mohamed Heiba
2 X-ray production Dr. Mohamed Heiba
3 Radiotherapy equipment Dr. Mohamed Heiba
4 X-ray and electron beam physics Dr. Mohamed Heiba
5 Radiation dosimetry Dr. Mohamed Heiba
6 Radiotherapy treatment planning 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
7 Radiotherapy treatment planning 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
8 Brachytherapy and radioactive sources Dr. Mohamed Heiba
9 Quality assurance Dr. Mohamed Heiba
10 Radiation protection Dr. Mohamed Heiba
Session Topic Instructor
1 DNA and chromosome damage and repair Dr. Mohamed Heiba
2 Cell survival curve 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
3 Cell survival curve 2 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
4 Acute radiation syndrome and radio protectants Dr. Mohamed Heiba
5 Effects of radiation on embryo and fetus and radiation carcinogenesis Dr. Mohamed Heiba
6 Normal tissue radiobiology Dr. Mohamed Heiba
7 Radiotherapy fractionation Dr. Mohamed Heiba
8 Cancer biology Dr. Mohamed Heiba
9 Cell growth control Dr. Mohamed Heiba
10 Normal and malignant cells genetics Dr. Mohamed Heiba
11 Immune system Dr. Mohamed Heiba
Session Topic Instructor
1 Principles of systemic anti-cancer agents Dr. Mohamed Heiba
2 Mechanism of action of chemotherapy classes and toxicities 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
3 Mechanism of action of chemotherapy classes and toxicities 2 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
4 Clinical pharmacology of supportive therapies and analgesics Dr. Mohamed Heiba
5 Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Dr. Mohamed Heiba
Session Topic Instructor
1 Medical Statistics in a nutshell 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
2 Medical Statistics in a nutshell 2 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
3 Revision & solving questions 1 Dr. Mohamed Heiba
4 Revision & solving questions 2 Dr. Mohamed Heiba

طرق التقدم الدورة:

  • The course is available online.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available till the next exam so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review it within the week, discuss any questions with the instructors ”

How can I register for the exam?

Money-back guarantee, before the second lecture, no questions asked! For more information: check Money-Back Guarantee

Find out more

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to call us on 002/01000914939.

Taught by FRCR® experts and teaching award-winning educators

We promote the growth of great doctors to try and make the world a healthier place.

Radiobiology & Molecular Biology

Lec 1 Mechanism of DNA Damage
Lec 2 Cell Survival Curve 1
Lec 3 Cell Survival Curve 2
Lect 4 radiation carcinogenesis
Lect 5 Normal Tissue Radiobiology
Lect 6 Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
Lect 7 Fractionation
Lect 8 Radioactive Sources in Radiotherapy
Lect 9
Lect 10
Lect 11


Lec 1 Basic physics essentials
Lec 2 Radiation Dosimetry
Lec 3 X-ray physics
Lec 4 X-ray physics 2
Lect 5 treatment planning
Physics 6 Treatment planning 2
Physics 7 Acute Radiation Syndrom
Physics 8 Electron beam physics
Physics 9 Beam Therapy Equipment
Radiobiology Quiz
20 questions
Physics 10 Brachytherapy

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology 1
Clinical Pharmacology 2
Clinical Pharmacology 3
Clinical Pharmacology 4
Clinical Pharmacology 5

Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics 1
Medical Statistics 2


Revision 1
Revision 2

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FRCR 1 Oncology
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