SCE Dermatology/ EBDV

SCE Dermatology/ EBDV

SCE Dermatology
Specialty Certificate Examination

The SCE Dermatology Diploma is an international certificate issued and certified by the Royal College of Physicians. The document certifies a dermatologist to have the knowledge and competence in line with the the Royal College.

It also helps you as a dermatologist to obtain the MRCP Dermatology after obtaining the full MRCP three parts in addition to the SCE dermatology exam.

European Board of Dermato-Venereology

The European Board of Dermato-Venereology (EBDV) is an international certificate issued and certified by the European Board of Dermatology. The document certifies a dermatologist to have the knowledge and competence in line with the European Society of Dermatology.

What are the eligibility criteria for the SCE Dermatology/ EBDV exam?

  • Candidates must have obtained a medical degree from a university acceptable to the General Medical Council.
  • No previous experience required for the SCE Dermatology/ EBDV exam.

SCE Dermatology/ EBDV Dates, fees, and venues

SCE Dermatology Further information can be found in the dates and fees document.

EBDV Further information can be found in the dates and fees document.

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Course details:

  • 40 lectures.
  • Books and study resources are available with the course.
  • The course is available online, you can follow it from anywhere, whether live or recorded.
  • The course also helps you develop many skills to deal with during working life.

The course covers all aspects of the exam, and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

طرق التقدم الدورة:

  • The course is available online.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available till the next exam so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review it within the week, discuss any questions with the instructors ”

How can I register for the exam?

Money-back guarantee, before the second lecture, no questions asked! For more information: check Money-Back Guarantee

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SCE& EBDV Lecture 1 Skin structure ,basic terminology

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المسجلين: test WPML 17 students
المدة: 80 Hours
القراءات: 1
المستوى: Beginner

كلمة الرئيس

“نحن نشجع نمو الأطباء في محاولة لصنع العالم مكان أكثر صحة ، للحد من المشاكل التي تؤثر على المرضى بسبب عدم كفاءة الأطباء ".

ساعات العمل

الاثنين 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
الثلاثاء 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
الأربعاء 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
الخميس 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
الجمعه مغلق
السبت 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
الاحد 10 صباحا : 6 مساءا
SCE Dermatology/ EBDV
السعر :
USD600 USD480

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