FRCR – Part 1 (Q& A)

FRCR Part 1

FRCR Physics Questions 

this Course Contains a lot of Questions for the Physics module

How to apply For FRCR part 1 exam

Applicants should ensure they have read the examination regulations before applying.

you can follow these steps to apply for an examination Clinical radiology examinations booking process

and we are in “CoNNect” will help you to register in the Exam if you want, through our Exam Registration Department

Watch this Video to know more about FRCR

This Orientation Session from CoNNect to know everything about the FRCR Exams and the course. Alternative link to the short instructional video.

FRCR part 1 Course details:

  • 26 lectures (10 Anatomy-16 Physics) at the rate of 3 training. Hours/Lecture.
  • 2 lectures per week for 4 months.

The course covers all aspects of the exam, and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

Taught by FRCR® experts and teaching award-winning educators

We promote the growth of great doctors to try and make the world a healthier place.

Basic Physics
52 questions
Computed Tomography
33 questions
General Principles
45 questions
19 questions
Patient Dosimetry
5 questions
Practical Radiation Protection
59 questions
Radiation Hazards and Dosimetry
21 questions
Radionuclide Imaging
30 questions
19 questions
x Ray Production and Radiology
20 questions

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“We encourage the growth of doctors in an effort to make the world a healthier place, to reduce the problems that affect patients because of the inefficiency of doctors”.

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FRCR – Part 1 (Q& A)

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