FRCS 1 (Optics)

FRCSophth 1/ ICO 1

FRCS 1 Optics Learning outcomes:

-Understanding the clinical basics and applications of refraction, reflection, prisms, and properties of light
-Understanding Errors of refraction and different methods to correct them
-Understanding the management of presbyopia and low vision aids
-Understanding optical principles and uses of different instruments
-Understanding the basics of refractive surgery

How to apply For Exam

You can apply online through the Royal College website.
You must obtain the most recent information before taking any FRCS / ICO examination.

and we are in “CoNNect” will help you to register in the Exam if you want, through our Exam Registration Department

Dates, fees, and venues of Exams

The exam is available in March or April, and October.

FRCS 1 and 2 Exams Available Online form your Home, while ICO Exams available papers Exam and there is a lot of Venues all over the world.

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Optics Course details:

  • 12 lectures at a rate of 3 training hours/Lecture.
  • Private group telegram.
  • Quizzes on every Chapter  & Final Simulation exam.
  • The course covers all aspects of the exam, and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

FRCS / ICO – PART 1 Course Delivery Methods

  • The course is available online and inside the Academy.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available till the next exam so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review it within the week, discuss any questions with the instructors ”.

Money-back guarantee, before the second lecture, no questions asked! For more information: check Money-Back Guarantee

Find out more

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Taught by FRCS (ophth)® experts and teaching award-winning educators

We promote the growth of great doctors to try and make the world a healthier place.

1- properties of light Reflection Critical angle Prisms
quiz1- light -optics
6 questions
2- Lenses Thin lens formula Decentration Toric
3- Lenses Thin lens formula Decentration Toric
quiz2- Lenses -optics
6 questions
4- Gauss and Listing theory
Quiz 4 – Pathological optical defects of the eye
6 questions

Quiz 4 - Pathological optical defects of the eye

5- Accommodation
6- Aphakia – Anisometropia – Duochrome test – Jcc Astigmatic fan/dial – Stenopaic slit
7- Direct ophthalmoscope – Indirect ophthalmoscope – Other methods of visualisation of fundus – Applanation tonometer
8- Telescope – Microscope – Operating microscope – Slit lamp – LVA – Keratometer – Focimeter – Gonioscopy
9- Autorefractor – IOLs – CL
10- Retinoscopy
11- Laser – Basics of refrative surgeries – OCT – Specular microscopy – Pachymetry
12- VA – Color vision – Important calculations

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“We encourage the growth of doctors in an effort to make the world a healthier place, to reduce the problems that affect patients because of the inefficiency of doctors”.

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