Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons.

A specialist certificate granted to surgeons who wish to become members of surgical colleges.

MRCS – Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) – is a specialist certificate granted to surgeons who wish to become members of surgical colleges. Through the four Royal Colleges in the United Kingdom and Ireland:

  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England.
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
  • The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.


  • Qualifies you to work in England after obtaining an IELTS or OET certificate.
  • Widely Accepted. and it opens the way for you to work everywhere with more opportunities than the Local Certificates.
  • One of the strongest certificates in the specialty.
  • Makes you up to date with the new Royal College Guidelines, and
  • A systematic approach for the diagnosis.

Dates, fees, and venues

Part A exam is available in January, April, and September.

part B exam is available at various times, depending on the location of the exam.

Further information can be found in the dates and fees document.

How to apply

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What does the exam include?

The MRCS exam is a two-part test that includes both theory and a practical assessment:

Part A of the Intercollegiate MRCS is a five-hour MCQ exam consisting of two papers taken on the same day. The AM paper is three hours and the PM paper is two hours in duration.
and the exam uses single best answer MCQs Questions designed to test knowledge of both applied basic science and principles of surgery in general to a level that a surgical trainee should have achieved two to three years after qualification.

Paper 1:  applied science MCQ paper.
Paper 2: principle of MCQ paper in general surgery.

The minimum performance is assigned to each test and should be passed on both sheets.

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Part B of the Intercollegiate MRCS is an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE). It tests:

  • anatomy and surgical pathology, and
  • applied surgical science and critical care, and
  • clinical and procedural skills, and
  • communication skills.

MRCS part B is a one-day exam, objective, clinical examination consisting of 18 stages with 9 minutes for each stage. During the stages, you will examine the applied knowledge that consists of (anatomy, surgical pathology, applied surgical science, and intensive care) in addition to applied skills that consist of communication skills, history taking, and clinical & procedural skills.

 To pass Part B, you must obtain a passing score in both applied knowledge and applied skills.

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What does Connect Academy do for you to help you pass MRCS exam?

After careful analysis of the exams and feedback from candidates who have previously taken the exam, CoNNect Academy has divided the problem into two main issues that most Doctors face:
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Courses details:

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    • Quizzes on every Chapter  & Final Simulation exam.
    • Highly Qualified Instructors.

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  • 12 lectures at a rate of 3 training hours/Lecture
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  • Tips & Tricks
  • new Stations (Exam Updates).
  • Live & Recorded Course.

The course covers all aspects of the exam, and you can easily get scientific books and study materials once you register for the course!

What will you achieve in MRCS course with CoNNect?

  • Financially beneficial for students with a limited budget.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the MRCS exam.
  • Intelligent and innovative study plans to maximize knowledge.
  • Training to solve questions on each topic.
  • Providing scientific materials and resources to help you with your studies.
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  • Get a comprehensive daily study plan and high-quality lectures.
  • also, Whatsapp or Telegram group for easy communication with the lecturers.
  • finally, Facilitating the registration of the examination procedures.

MRCS Course Delivery Methods

  • The course is available online Live & recorded.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available till the next exam so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review it within the week, discuss any questions with the instructors ”.

How can I register for the Course?

Registration and payment methods policy

Registration methods:
Reservations can be booked (contacting customer service by phone or through social networking sites).

Payment methods:
Cash (attendance at the Academy).
Online Payment (through Visa/Master card) on our website.

Bank transfer through the Academy account number.

Money-back guarantee, before the second lecture, no questions asked! For more information: check Money-Back Guarantee

Taught by MRCS® experts and teaching award-winning educators

We promote the growth of great doctors to try and make the world a healthier place.


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