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This Courses adds value to your CV and sets you apart from other candidates for a job or fellowship.


we are in CoNNect Academy provides a lot of courses for Pediatricians and new residents to improve their skills and knowledge, and adds value to their CV, and sets them apart from other candidates for a job or fellowship.

Top 10 topics in pediatrics from the newest guidelines, This course is targeting pediatrics doctors, Videos are short and focused.

  • DKA (assessment and diagnosis-resuscitation-secondary review- fluids-insulin-monitoring and reviews-ongoing management –serial data sheet-complications )
  • Asthma acute management
  • Asthma chronic management
  • Anaphylaxis 4-Epilepsy (definition-recognition and assessment-types of seizures-action potential-non pharmacological treatment of epilepsy ) {epilepsy 1&3 }
  • Pharmacological treatment of epilepsy and status epilepticus {epilepsy 2 }
  • Meningitis(definition –causative organism –symptoms and signs – management – immune testing –complement pathway )
  • Fever under five years old (traffic light system for assessment – antipyretic interventions )
  • Viral laryngeo tracheo bronchitis ( croup)(case scenario –causative organism –diagnosis –DD –assessment of severity –management )
  • nocturnal enuresis(definition-types-questions to ask when taking history of a child with bedwetting –when to refer- education and advice –motivational therapy –alarm – desmopressin –imipramine )
  • 10- Urinary tract infections in children and young people under 16 years old

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What you will get in our courses!
    • Financially beneficial for students with a limited budget.
    • Increase your knowledge and understanding of important topics in pediatrics.
    • Intelligent and innovative study plans to maximize knowledge.
    • Providing scientific materials and resources to help you with your studies.
    • There are few participants inside the classrooms to ensure students receive personal attention.
    • Get a comprehensive daily study plan and high-quality lectures.

Course Delivery Methods

  • The course is available online and inside the Academy.
  • All live sessions are recorded, so you can re-watch them automatically via the Internet. “available for 6 Months so that you can review them whenever possible, but we prefer to review Lecture/ per Week ”.

President’s Foreword

“We encourage the growth of doctors in an effort to make the world a healthier place, to reduce the problems that affect patients because of the inefficiency of doctors”.

Working hours

Monday 10 am:6 pm
Tuesday 10 am:6 pm
Wednesday 10 am:6 pm
Thursday 10 am:6 pm
Friday closed
Saturday 10 am:6 pm
Sunday 10 am:6 pm

Taught by pediatricians® experts and teaching award-winning educators

We promote the growth of great doctors to try and make the world a healthier place.

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