Strategic Aims

Connect Academy strives to achieve its vision in Egypt and the Arab world by supporting and developing physicians throughout their educational and professional life at all levels and degrees

By working with local organizations and institutions, we aim to strengthen international healthcare systems to ensure the long-term stability and access to healthcare for previously excluded patient groups

Promoting high-quality Medical education and training

Requires an enthusiastic network of physicians like you who have received fellowships or equivalents, have educational roles and responsibilities and adhere to international standards for recruitment, training, and evaluation. With this, we can attract and support the best doctors from medical schools in different disciplines to achieve the following strategic and operational goals.

Through our strategy, we offer tailor-made programs to serve and meet the needs of our members, participants, and students:

1. Provide an educational program tailored to the needs of our trained physicians.

2. Training and rehabilitation of 5000 doctors in all specialties by 2023.

3. Support the future of healthcare by providing the latest materials and scientific means for doctors to obtain fellowships and equations, and help the trainees to gain more experience, skills and knowledge, making them able to diagnose and deal with the most difficult conditions.

4. Providing more sophisticated and easy learning tools to enable students to study anytime anywhere.

5. We seek to expand by forming successful partnerships in all Arab countries.

Connect Academy is committed to providing a first-class service to partners and trainees. The Academy will best use its resources to achieve its strategic vision and philanthropic goals, demonstrate the public good, and invest in the future of healthcare. The Academy adheres to the principles of the duty of equality in the private sector, giving due consideration to the need to eliminate discrimination, promote equal opportunities and promote good relations between different people in carrying out its activities.

We should not lose sight of the role of members who are actively involved in the activities of the Academy, without which the work of the Academy would be impossible without the volunteers having their time to support the activities in this strategy.

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