EDA - European Diploma of Anesthesiology

The European Diploma of Anesthesiology aims to verify that there is a high level of knowledge uniformly by anesthesiologists throughout Europe.

EDA – European Diploma of Anesthesiology

The European Diploma of Anesthesiology aims to verify that there is a high level of knowledge uniformly by anesthesiologists throughout Europe.

The World Federation of Associations of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) commends this initiative and works with the European Space Agency to support testing worldwide.

It represents and guarantees the quality of patient care by maintaining standards in the three disciplines of anesthesia, intensive care, and pain medicine.

The importance of the European diploma to anesthesiologists:

    • A master’s degree is equalized after the thesis.
    • The exam is equal to the first part of the British or Irish fellowship, although it costs less.
    • Help you gain more experience, skills, and knowledge, which makes you able to accurately diagnose and deal with the most accurate and difficult cases.

What does the exam include?

The European diploma consists of two exams:


    • Multiple choice examination (MCQ).

It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions in the form of a brochure with a separate answer sheet. Each question has five options: A, B, C, D, and E. Each option may be right or wrong.

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Practical and oral Viva: 

It consists of 4 committees, each committee is approximately 25 minutes. The examination takes place from February to November every year in a number of places around the world.

The applicant can specify the appropriate language for the examination between (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Scandinavian).

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What does Connect Academy do for you to help you pass this exam?

   After a careful analysis of the performance of the tests and the feedback from students who preceded the exam, we at Connect Academy divided the problem into two main issues that most students face, namely the lack of understanding of the basic theories, and the failure to focus on preparing for the form of the test. Narrowing options to determine the correct answer is more difficult than expected.

 We know it is easy to get lost in the classroom with many students and to ensure that you get the personalized education you need. All of our classes are taught by the most qualified lecturers who have already successfully passed all parts of the fellowship/equation you wish to obtain.

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Course details:

19 lectures, 3 hours per lecture, an average of 6 hours/week, 24 hours/month.
Practical training in an environment similar to the environment of the original exam.

What you will get in our courses!

    • Financially beneficial for students with a limited budget.
    • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the EDA exam.
    • Intelligent and innovative study plans to maximize knowledge.
    • Training to solve questions on each topic.
    • Providing scientific materials and resources to help you with your studies.
    • Providing previous exams and examples for exam training.
    • There are few participants inside the classrooms to ensure students receive personal attention.
    • Get a comprehensive daily study plan and high-quality lectures.
    • Review and analysis with the lecturer and the participants until the day of the exam.
    • WhatsApp or Telegram group for easy communication with the lecturers.

Course Delivery Methods

    • The course is available online and inside the Academy.
    • All live sessions are recorded, so you can download them automatically via the Internet. “available for 7 days so that they can review them whenever possible.”

How can I register for the exam?

You will register online through the European Diploma for Anesthesiologists site, and Connect Academy will facilitate the registration procedures for the exam.

What are the exam dates?

The exam is held in the following months of each year (depending on the location of the exam).


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