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Connect Academy has various policies that guide the development and management of some of our activities, as well as our internal systems:

1. Data protection policy

Connect Academy is committed to protecting the personal data and information of its members and employees in accordance with best practices and data protection regulations. This policy applies to all personal data handled by the academy, whether in paper or electronic files.

2. Service Delivery Policy

Connect Academy aims to reach the largest number of targeted doctors interested in obtaining fellowships and equivalences through public relations and marketing, both directly and indirectly. This allows trainees to access courses through modern and easy methods via the Customer Service department, which handles all inquiries transparently and clearly.

Well-trained customer service is available to respond to all inquiries from doctors interested in receiving free assistance or consultation from the academy through (phone calls, emails, and social media platforms).

Training courses are available through various methods (in-person at Connect Academy, through the official academy website, recorded lectures, and live internet broadcasts), allowing students to access courses at any time or place.

3. Diversity policy

Connect Academy encourages and supports diversity in its employment practices. At Connect Academy, we believe in the value of a diverse workforce aiming to::

  • Promote a culture and environment where people feel welcomed and valued.
  • Encourage collaboration so that individuals can benefit from sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Employ and retain employees with a wide range of skills and experiences.
  • Possess a wide range of resources, skills, and ideas among employees.
  • Enhance creativity and problem-solving.
  • Learn from each other’s experiences and exchange different perspectives.
  • Improve understanding of the needs of academy clients.
  • Maintain a positive company image as a diverse employer.

4. Social media policy

Connect Academy uses social media channels to communicate and engage with all stakeholders, including our trainees, lecturers, and other organizations involved in development and training. Social media channels enable us to reach a much wider audience than traditional communication methods, helping us expand our reach and impact to improve healthcare in Egypt and the Arab world.

5. Messages and Responding 

We welcome comments, ideas, and engagement from all our followers. We respond individually to all messages we receive on social media. We read all tweets, direct messages, and comments. Formal methods of contacting the academy are also available in the Contact section of  Connect Academy official website.

6. Development Systems Policy

We collaborate with Netarow, a company specializing in business consulting and management, to innovate an internal and flexible management system to enhance the abilities of academy employees.
We provide easy and flexible handbooks for employees to clarify how work progresses and develops.
We implement modern training systems for current and new employees.

7. Franchising policy

In our commitment to delivering the best services to our customers, we welcome anyone interested in becoming an agent for Connect Academy, whether locally or internationally. Agents are accredited through agreed-upon mechanisms and conditions to ensure the continuity and success of the company and the agent. The academy welcomes those who want to be part of Connect Academy partners to contribute to improving the future of healthcare.

Individuals and organizations interested in hosting courses can apply through Connect Academy’s official website:Academywww.connectmedical.academy.

8. Intellectual Property Policy

 All scientific materials, medical books, guidelines, training booklets, educational curricula, team reports, and e-learning materials published by Connect Academy are protected by copyright.

9. Subscription and Payment Methods Policy

Subscription Methods:

Course bookings can be made through customer service by phone or through social media platforms.

Payment Methods:

  • Payment can be made in person at the academy.
  • Payment can be made through the available online service “Fawry” on our website.
  • Bank transfers can be made through a dedicated academy bank account.

10. Refund Policy

We assure you that you will have a successful experience studying at Connect Academy. Therefore, we offer a free introductory lecture before payment. If you choose to pay, we provide a refund guarantee of up to 75% of your money for withdrawal after the second lecture of the course or if you are still unsatisfied with the service – this is our confidence in the quality of services we offer.

Refund conditions for course fees in case of withdrawal or dissatisfaction:

  • Before or after the first lecture, the full amount is refunded (the first lecture is free).
  • After the second lecture, only 75% of the cost is refunded.
  • After the third lecture, only 50% of the cost is refunded.
  • After the fourth lecture, no amount is refunded from the course fee.

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